Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Easter & TV Updates

Finally, we've had some gorgeous spring weather! Tanner literally wants to spend every minute outside and I try to oblige his requests as often as possible. His favorite activities include: picking up sticks and pine cones, digging in the dirt, and putting rocks in his wheelbarrow- he is all boy!

We had a great Easter filled with tons of treats. I let Tanner have a few jelly beans before mass. BIG mistake. He was even more out of control than usual.

Tanner was really into the egg hunt this year and still goes into the yard looking for them, ha.

He will be two next week and I can hardly believe it! I put him in his last bubble and took some pics to commemorate the occasion. Where did my baby go?

The 30th birthday celebrations continue for all of our girlfriends. It's so nice to have ongoing plans with everyone!

I am SO happy all my shows are back! Spring tv is my favorite!

I mean, her eyes really say it all- just crazy. Ramona is absolutely out of her mind this season. I love how she says something and literally 30 seconds later has total amnesia about it. And the way she talked about Heather's house in the Berkshires was appalling. I'm embarrassed for her.

I want the old Don back. I get that this season is about character evolution but it's just awkward (and depressing!) to watch Don struggle so much. Peggy is being Peggy (read: miserable despite her success) and same goes for Betty. I really hope Don turns it around in the last few episodes.

I'm sure most reality tv junkies like myself have been tuning in to Chrisley Knows Best. This show is pure gold. I don't understand how these people made their money and apparently neither does anyone else. Interesting article in People.


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