Thursday, August 30, 2012

So Long Summer

Even though we live at the beach, I have to be honest, summer is not my favorite time of year. At this point I've really had enough of the 95 degree + days and am ready for some 'cooler' temps. I am really looking forward to getting back in my Fall/Winter uni of leggings/skinny jeans and boots/flats. 

Essie Stylenomics Fall 2012

Toothpick jean in pitch black wash

While I'd like to be decked out in JCrew day in and day out, that just is not realistic. Especially considering the amount of spit-up that comes my way. 

I did try these on the other day and was pleasantly surprised as to how well they fit (actually, ON had several really great quality pieces I plan on snagging!). And at $29, I can afford more than one pair. Note to the tall ladies: definitely order the special size online- the regulars were several inches above my ankles (I am 5'10").

Also, candles. Specifically Bath & Body Works. I have yet to find another that can even come close to these babies. 

One cannot ignore the political ads and campaigns that are ramping up for November's big election. 

I have to share this photo of Paul Ryan at his (and mine!) alma mater, Miami University. He visited the campus a few weeks ago and I am so jealous of all the students who got to hear him speak. Proud alumni!

Finally, I read that Giuliana & Bill Rancic's surrogate delivered their baby!!

I love hearing happy news in the morning!

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