Monday, April 30, 2012

I am being punished


File:Bravo TV.svg

The universe/higher power is punishing me for some unknown reason (*might it be the stream of GD's/F-bombs that came out of my mouth this morning due to a breakfast disaster? and if we're being honest continued through the rest of the day.)  In our bedroom the ONLY channels that have not been braodcasting any sound for the past 24+ hours are, of course: Bravo and E. Mark is loving it, natch, and thinks it is absolutely hilarious. I have a feeling he'll grow tired of my sulking soon though and put in a call to Comcast.

Until this issue is resolved, I'll be watching Teen Mom re-runs and drooling over any/everything on the Food Network.

Woe is me........

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby's Room!

Nearly everything is complete and ready for Mr. Tanner's arrival, including his room! We wanted to do something preppy and nautical, but not over the top or too baby-ish. We absolutely love the way everything turned out and can't wait to have him here to enjoy it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Great Expectations

Once the baby arrives, I plan on snapping back into shape right away.

That's how it works, no?

I kid, I kid.

But seriously though. Temperatures are holding steady in the 80's with no signs of slowing down and I will need some new warm weather attire. Those adorable pink shorts? Elastic waistband! I'm ahead of the game already.

Other items I've been checking out that I hope will be equally as figure-friendly?

via Old Navy

via Anthropologie

Flowy maxi's and forgiving tops....

via Piperlime

via Anthropologie

And, of course, my favorite summer staple, despite the blazing heat:

New ankle stretch toothpick jean in white denim
via JCrew

The perfect pair of white jeans. These will be my motivation, if nothing else.

Yes, we live at the beach. But I can't even wrap my head around the thought of bikini-season. I've been purposefully avoiding that section at all stores. I've chosen to focus more on cover-ups....

Don't think I've left my little man out of all my shopping adventures. Tanner has been cleaning up in the clothes department! One of my favorite purchases:

A total necessity for all infants.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tired of Bethenny?

Does anyone else feel like there's a big gray cloud hanging over this season of Bethenny Ever After? Thus far, nothing exciting or positive has happened- just a whole lotta bickering between her and Jason, staff departures, etc. Blah....

Conversely, I am loving Giuliana & Bill this season now as much as ever. Although the first episode was a tear-jerker with G revealing the details of her breast cancer diagnosis, her attitude and relationship with Bill makes her even more endearing. She certainly hasn't lost her sense of humor through the tough times and I love that about her. I'm still pulling for them to have that baby they've always wanted!

And, in the interest of full disclosure, you all should know that I'm suffering from a major candy hangover. Perhaps it's due to the fact that I am still finishing off the contents of my Easter basket (and will be for the next few days...)?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Pardon my Jessica Simpson-esque appearance. Apparently, that dress was not as flattering as I thought. It looked good on the mannequin?

Candy is BACK! Fingers crossed for portion control today....

33+ Weeks

Nice little Sunday @ the Family Circle Cup (watching Serena Williams totally dominate her poor opponent)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Andy's Empire

Please tell me some of you saw Andy's WWHL spectacular last night?!

This definitely happened:

It was a showcase of ALL the bravo-lebrities at their finest. You could totally tell there are ones (i.e. Tom/Padma, Tabatha, Rosie Pope) that think the others are absolute idiots (the entire casts of RH). And rightfully so, in most cases.....

Vicki Gunvalson I am looking at you.

I still don't understand why she thiks it's acceptable that her BF doesn't pay his child support, yet is  completely happy to rip Slade a new one for the exact same thing every chance she gets?

To be honest, the RH have been annoying me more than entertaining me. Time to move on to more serious shows:

Betty Draper what has happened to you?!

This show is insane on various levels. I watched the entire 1st season and still can't figure out all the rivalries.

And later this summer

My fave!