Monday, April 30, 2012

I am being punished


File:Bravo TV.svg

The universe/higher power is punishing me for some unknown reason (*might it be the stream of GD's/F-bombs that came out of my mouth this morning due to a breakfast disaster? and if we're being honest continued through the rest of the day.)  In our bedroom the ONLY channels that have not been braodcasting any sound for the past 24+ hours are, of course: Bravo and E. Mark is loving it, natch, and thinks it is absolutely hilarious. I have a feeling he'll grow tired of my sulking soon though and put in a call to Comcast.

Until this issue is resolved, I'll be watching Teen Mom re-runs and drooling over any/everything on the Food Network.

Woe is me........


  1. oh my..... my biggest sympathies. horrible!!! My DVR recorded 6 tv show's as blank DVR (comcast as well) so I know the feeling. Try On Demand maybe?! Comcast is horrible.

  2. I would be SO annoyed! I need my trashy reality TV shows! ha!

  3. Thank God for Teen Mom Re-runs, right? :) Bless your heart!

  4. The same thing happened to my roommates! I have no idea why. Same channels. They had to call and have Comcast reset something. So annoying.

  5. Oh that is definitely sad!! Hoping you get your Bravo and E back stat!!


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