Thursday, April 5, 2012

Andy's Empire

Please tell me some of you saw Andy's WWHL spectacular last night?!

This definitely happened:

It was a showcase of ALL the bravo-lebrities at their finest. You could totally tell there are ones (i.e. Tom/Padma, Tabatha, Rosie Pope) that think the others are absolute idiots (the entire casts of RH). And rightfully so, in most cases.....

Vicki Gunvalson I am looking at you.

I still don't understand why she thiks it's acceptable that her BF doesn't pay his child support, yet is  completely happy to rip Slade a new one for the exact same thing every chance she gets?

To be honest, the RH have been annoying me more than entertaining me. Time to move on to more serious shows:

Betty Draper what has happened to you?!

This show is insane on various levels. I watched the entire 1st season and still can't figure out all the rivalries.

And later this summer

My fave!

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  1. YES.... I watched and YES i agree with everything you said!!! padma and tom definitely were thinking everyone else were complete idiots. padma seemed tipsy to me though?? although, I definitely would be trashed in a room with all of those people! the performances, and andy's faces during them, killed me. I've been bored out of my mind with OC lately. Vicki is such a hypocrite and I love how even Tamra will say it's the exact same situation or worse as what she accuses slade of. also, the new NYC season seems like it'll be a hot mess and I'm sick of all the new people!
    And Betty!!! My Lord!! Do you think it's bc they filmed while she was preggo so that's the story line they went with??

    ok... sorry so much just so glad someone else was watching :)


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