Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring is near?

So, it's basically March and still cold as ever. In fact, snow is in the forecast again next week. Seriously, what the hell.

Anyways, there was a day or two last week where temps were above freezing. We, of course, capitalized on it and spent as much time outside as possible.

*No head on shots of T because he literally does not sit still all day. These are the only photos that weren't blurry from him bolting from one thing to the next.

What else have I been doing to entertain myself in the cold?


I whipped up this pasta dish a few weeks ago and it's been in the rotation ever since. Super easy AND healthy.

I don't have exact measurements for a recipe because I kind of threw it together based on what I had at the house.

Here's what I did: sautéed 2 bunches of kale in olive oil and a few minced garlic cloves, sprinkled in some red pepper flakes, salt & pepper. I chopped up 2 big chicken breasts that I had cooked earlier. 1 box of whole wheat penne from TJ's. And about 1 cup of Parmesan cheese. I combined everything in a big bowl and tossed it together with a little bit more olive oil, salt & pepper, and lemon juice. I kept testing it until I thought it tasted right.

And balancing it out with these.....


I was so excited to have plans for Valentines Day but Mother Nature had a different idea (more snow, duh). So, we ended up staying in and giving Tanner a roll of painters tape which provided him/us 30 minutes of entertainment. Parenting win.

Tanner loves taking pics on our iPhones. #selfieexpert

I have a trip planned to Chicago next month to visit my college roomie and couldn't be more excited! Counting down the days...

*Tans courtesy of Miami Beach ca. 2006


Thursday, February 6, 2014


I told Mark the other day I was suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I was only partially kidding because I am SO so tired of this weather. I can't remember the last time I saw the grass for more than 24 hours. And it's only February.

Entertaining my wild man in this weather is challenging to say the least. He loves being outside, getting dirty and just being a boy. Not possible when it's as cold as it's been.

He is only sitting still because I was dangling a fruit chew above the camera.

Tanner has tons of toys. Like a ridiculous amount. But he gets tired of playing with them. We've gotten a membership to the childrens museum, we go to open gyms at our park, story time, play dates, going to my parents, etc etc. Thankfully, T really enjoys Mickeys Clubhouse and Sesame Street. Always a great distraction.

Tanners been telling us he has to go to the bathroom- no dice. He just loves sitting on the potty and shredding TP.

Pickings are pretty slim in the TV department for me right now. Mondays are actually my favorite television night thanks to Bravo.

Even though RHOBH is kind of a snoozefest, I'm still powering through the season (with the exception of Carlton's hideous antics). Now Vanderpump Rules, that's a whole different story. The finale, I mean- woah, woah! It was out of this world. Kristin (and Jax and Tom), ew. I cannot wait for the reunion.

Two more shows helping me move towards Spring: RHONY and Game of Thrones, both premiering in a few weeks.

Can't wait to see how THIS unravels....

And back to real life....the 30th birthday celebrations continue! My friends are all planning a trip for everyone's milestone bdays. I've got my fingers crossed for somewhere warm!

Hi Jaime!