Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A GREAT Weekend!

This weekend we traveled home to Cincinnati for not one but two fabulous showers hosted by my aunt and sister and girlfriends, Jaime & Amy! It was so nice to see all of our friends and family and have them share in the excitement of our impending arrival:

Needless to say everyone was beyond generous and we are incredibly grateful for it all. We feel so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people. 

*Of all the unnecessary and ridiculous things my OCD self packed for our trip, the one (extremely important) item I forgot was my camera. So, until I get some real photos these iphone pics will have to suffice! 

It's hard to imagine that the next time we see everyone there will be a baby in tow!

A HUGE thank you to our shower hostesses, who put so much time and effort into making the day special for us- every single detail was just perfect! And to our parents, for all that they've done for us and baby Tanner, as well as our sweet angel dog, Cooper, who I feel certain will make an excellent big brother :)


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