Sunday, March 18, 2012


Who knew blogging would take so much energy/motivation? Kidding!

Kind of.

Here are some things that have been occupying my time:


Jeff Lewis's new show, Interior Therapy


Making an effort to maintain some (pathetic) level of fitness 

Then cancelling out all of the exercise by eating several bowls of this


or the occasional frosty

On top of all that I've been reading lots of baby stuff, complaining to Mark, and searching for adorable outfits for my baby boy (I'm really busy, I know). Also, I watched a yoga DVD tonight. That's right- no performing poses and whatnot. I have to say the whole thing was pretty slow. Not sure this will be able to hold my attention. However, I'll most likely be giving it a try because I can tell my gym days are numbered.

While I've had a pretty easy pregnancy thus far, I am definitely starting to slow down.

29 weeks

 I had to make a few maternity purchases this past weekend because apparently, Charleston is skipping spring and going straight into summer. Some solid finds at Target which I'd showcase but their website crashes my comp every time I try to access it.

Overall, I'm still feeling really good! I cannot believe we only have 2 months to go!


  1. I love this post for several reasons: 1. GCB is a guilty pleasure of mine too. 2. My exercise routine has taken a back seat as well. I walked my dog for an hour and a half...pathetic that I checked that off as exercise. 3. LOVE me some cereal so I totally get that addiction.

  2. You look great! GCB is one of my new faves, too. Those ladies are hilarious!

  3. Why don't you look DARLING!!! Can't wait to see you soon! :D And I love that you included complaining to Mark as part of your daily rituals.... HI-larious. Because it's true.

  4. You look great! And oh my, now you've got my craving rice krispie treat cereal...TOTALLY forgot they made that!

  5. you look soooo cute! im loving all your shows too - gcb is freaking hysterical! and jeff lewis is awesome!!!! i can't get enough of him!


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