Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Big Week

First things first. A few pics of my adorable little man.

Halloween pumpkin
Costume lasted approx. .5 seconds

Brotherly love
One of a million licks a day fro Cooper. T finds it/him hilarious.

1st time at the polls!
Tanner woke up crying last night shortly after the results of the election were announced. He was mad it didn't go our way ;) Can you blame him?!

With that out of the way, we can now discuss other important event(s): Bravo's big premier week. 

Oh, RHOBH, how I've missed you. I'm glad to see things haven't changed too much since last season. Lisa's still filthy rich, Kim's crazy as ever, Brandy is stirring up trouble, etc. etc. It'll be interesting to see what Yolanda brings to the mix. My initial reaction: I like her?

Of all the ladies in the RH franchise, I think it's safe to say this cast, by far, have the biggest egos. And Kenya, wow. Misery. She just seems completely terrible- can't imagine she makes many friends. Nothing amuses me more than Phaedra's foray into the funeral business. The scene at the animal hospital...I just can't....

And lastly, I have to ask, Andy Cohen, WTF?

LOLwork. Seriously?

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