Monday, November 14, 2011


Yes, it's true, I LOVE all things Twilight and am extremely excited for this week's premiere of Breaking Dawn, my favorite book of the series.


In this installment we finally get to see Bella and Edward tie the knot. And subsequently, Bella give birth to a vampire baby! So much drama I can hardly stand it.

Will you be seeing Breaking Dawn this weekend?


  1. Kristen Stewart used to majorly bug me with her "I don't care about being famous" attitude but she is warming on me. Loved the books and loving that photoshoot of them! Very pretty.

  2. I'm seeing the midnight showing!! Yes, I know this is a little "15" of me, but we will not be dressing up...probably!

  3. While I deny it 11 out of 12 months, I am totally waving my Twilight flag this month. I'm right there with ya on barely containing my excitement to see part 1 of the finale. Midnight premiere here I shamelessly come!

  4. I have to confess I have not read any of the books! But with everyone talking about them and the movies I feel like I should!

  5. I'm so excited for this. I'm not sure if I'll be seeing it this weekend though, boyfie wants me to watch it with him and he is still out of town.


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