Thursday, January 19, 2012

And I Am STILL Watching The Kardashians....

As I've been watching KKTNY, I find myself searching for huge signs that Kim and Kris are headed for splitsville. However, I see no red flags signaling that it's irreparable. Perhaps there will be more in the upcoming episodes? To me, it appears that Kim simply is not interested in being married (or in any kind of relationship with 'The Dog') anymore. Kris does things that are annoying, makes a mess, and doesn't do every single thing Kim's way. I'd be curious to know exactly what she thought marriage was?! Someone needs to get a grip on reality...

Sweet belly chain though

On another note, as weird/dysfunctional as I think Kourtney's relationship is, I truly appreciate Scott's sense of humor. He has some of the best one-liner's around. 

  Scott Disick TV personality Scott Disick attends the IN ADD MINUS flagship store launch on November 18, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

What is his 'job' again? And how does he afford all of the outrageously expensive toys we see on the show?


  1. Oh my god, I totally agree! I keep thinking, is this the reason for her leaving him??? No wonder he was surprised...he left his shoes around the hotel room, big whoop....the hotel room that he is sharing with his new wife, her sister, her sister's bf, and their child. If anyone should be upset it should be him! She may just be better off alone...yes he is annoying and odd, but she knew that before she married him.

  2. Oh my lord - still watching them too. I have to catch up on last week's episode. The whole thing is just so ridiculous (agree with Sarah above living with your wife's sister and her boyfriend and their baby? What?). She doesn't care about anything but herself - the fact that she even got married is so ridiculous because she clearly has no idea what an actual relationship is!! yet.... i keep watching.....???

  3. hahhaha I agree with all of the above. It does seem like she just gave up.

  4. I think they're both immature...probably a bad idea from the start!!! But I don't watch it that often! :)

  5. bruce and scott are my favorite and they're not even kardashians!


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