Monday, December 9, 2013

Birthday Weekend

I am officially a year older and can now say, 30 isn't too bad :)

We kept the celebration on my actual bday pretty low key and had plans for dinner and a play with one of our friends that weekend.....

Little did I know, Mark and Jaime had been conspiring to surprise me on Saturday night at The Rookwood with my friends and family. What a great night it was and so, so thoughtful. I had such a fun time! One thing about getting older is that it takes a heck of a lot longer to recover from a night out than it used to. Sunday....woof!

Earlier in the week, St. nick visited Tanner.

We have had a ton of snow already this year. I think it snowed this much last winter total. Tanner loves watching it out the window (and playing in it outside).



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