Tuesday, January 7, 2014


The last few weeks have been super busy. We had a great Christmas and New Years! I feel relieved now that all the traveling is over though. We drove to Asheville after Christmas to spend time with Mark's family and then headed to Charleston from there for a wedding weekend.

It was so fun going back to Charleston- we visited some of our old haunts (Taco Boy, Poogan's Porch) and checked out some new places as well (Bay Street Biergarten and The Alley- we loved both!). We also stopped by our old neighborhood and saw our friends and took a stroll down to the dock where Mark proposed and we took many a walk when Tanner was a tiny babe. It was a great weekend!

And now we are being welcomed back to the Midwest by this:

Yes that's NEGATIVE 5 degrees. I mean, I just can't..........


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