Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Preppiest Schools Of 2011

And look who landed on the list....

My alma mater!

According to The Huffington Post, 'Referred to as "J. Crew U," this small school, located in Oxford, Ohio, was deemed a "public ivy" by Richard Moll in his 1985 book Public Ivies: A Guide to America's Best Public Undergraduate Colleges and Universities. The school's investment in maintaining on-campus traditions may date back to its age: It is the 10th oldest public university in the United States and the second oldest in Ohio. This sense of the old world creates an atmosphere that could potentially be cloistering. But, said one student, while some students might feel "overwhelmed by the conservative atmosphere" the "unique traditions and school spirit" creates a sense of community that is "hard not to love." Said another, "The majority of students look like they were pulled from the same brochure as their backdrop."'
And just for good measure, here are few throwbacks from college.
Our house senior year.
All the houses in Oxford had names. Ours, 'Girls Gone Wild'....yep, classy....
Porch party
Getting ready for a night on the town
Senior bar crawl
Late night


  1. j crew u - that is amazing!!! our posts kinda matched today :)

  2. I miss college, too. It seems like so long ago. :(

    This might be a dumb question...but- why it is called Miami University? I didn't know there was a Miami in OH!


    New to blogging - nice to meet you :)

  3. Ah, I love it!! That glimpse into your college years was fabulous!

  4. I miss college! Hard to believe I have been out for 2 years! Thanks for sharing your Alma Mater with us! I love that your school was called Jcrew U!

  5. I miss Miami!!! This post made me so nostalgic! Wish we all could still our apartments & make spray painted sheets for every occasion :)


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