Saturday, July 30, 2011

No Dice

The cashier at Harris Teeter denied us the purchase of these delicious and refreshing BLL's due to me not having my ID today. We had just left the gym!

Uh, do I really look under 21?

(Yes, I'm sure he was just following protocol...)

But really? I'm older than Mark, who did have his ID. Come on peeps!

I'm just going to take it as a huge compliment that they must have thought I was his daughter/sister/young gf?!?


  1. When I was buying wine one time my friend told the person at the cash register not to sell to me because my ID was fake (minnesota ID to tend to look fake but I was 22). The lady then pulled out the book and had to look up my ID and then decided she trusted my friend and wouldn't sell to me!

  2. That is my favorite beer ever!!! I got carded 4 times at 4 different places the other day and I am 31!!! I guess I will take that as a compliment but super annoying!

  3. omg! lol! I can so relate. A few months ago my brother went to the grocery with me and asked me to buy some liquor for a party that he was going to. I was ready to pay and the cashier said "honey, I know you're 21 but you look 13 to me, so Ima need to see your i.d". I checked in my wallet and I didn't have my i.d. with me. grrrr.... my brother took my i.d. and hid it from me. grrr...he sure got a kick out of that


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