Friday, September 16, 2011

Some People...

The Salahi's have done it again. Created a huge media stir- this time Michaele decided to run off with Journey's guitarist and failed to inform Tareq. What's a concerned husband to do? Claim she was kidnapped, of course.

RHODC is by far the worst of the reality franchise. So glad they won't be taking up precious air time on my beloved Bravo this coming season.

In related news, they've renewed RHOM (Miami)? What? It was a snoozefest. Perhaps they'll bring in some heavy hitters for the new season.

I want more of this:

And less of this:

Please and thank you.

Happy Friday!


  1. umm, have you heard that latest on ryonyc?? they supposedly aren't renewing contracts for jill, alex and kelly!?

  2. Ugh - I so agree. The Salahi's are crazytown!

  3. I cannot agree more. DC was a terrible season, and I'm not too much of a Miami fan, but hopefully Bravo can revamp the other seasons.


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