Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Brad Pitt and Traffic Have In Common

They both get on my nerves.

I'm sure everyone has read/heard the things Brad Pitt said about Jennifer Aniston in his latest interview.

GREENER PASTURES photo | Brad Pitt

This morning I watched a segment with Matt Lauer on Today and he pretty much shut it down. Brad wouldn't even let Matt read the quotes from the article and get a response. Do not mess with my boy, Lauer.

How ever many years later, I still disagree with the whole Angelina situation. And frankly, I think he's an a-hole.

Although we live in downtown Charleston, we frequently make trips over the bridge to Mt. Pleasant. There is A LOT of construction going on right now and the constant traffic is driving me c-r-a-z-y!

Any locals know how long it's supposed to last?


  1. oh my gosh I hate that traffic!! Did you see the humorous sings they put up recently to try and "ease" the pain of the construction?? ha

  2. I agree, I don't like the whole Angelina situation. I wish him and Jen never broke up!

  3. I hear ya, sister. I've heard Spring 2012...?

  4. Hey just wanted to let you know I left you an award on my blog!

  5. I hadn't heard of this interview but just Googled it and UGH, WHAT A JERK!

  6. I wish I was a Charleston local...sigh. I grew up an hour from Cincinnati though {in southern Indiana!}. Brad isn't the man I thought he was...and if you love Matt Lauer, I hope you've seen that new show Up All Night. He talked to Christina Applegate through the TV. Hilarious! Hope you had a great weekend! xoxo {av}


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