Monday, October 17, 2011


I was going to write about the RHONJ reunion this morning.

But as I'm getting ready for work I hear "Reality TV couple who struggled with infertility to make big announcement." I KNEW it was going to be Giuliana and Bill. Finally their time had come and she is pregnant.

Not the case.

Instead, Giuliana came on to announce that she has breast cancer (early stages).

At their last IVF appointment, the Dr. insisted on her getting a mammogram, which she initially fought, as she has no family history. The results came back and were obviously not good. In true G & B spirit they continue to have an optimistic outlook and still plan on trying again in the future for a baby.

Just shocking news. Certainly puts things into perspective.


  1. Aww I'm so upset for her. Hopefully they found it in time and all will be well. You can see how badly she just wants to have a child. :(

  2. oh my goodness that is shocking! Thanks for sharing.

  3. this is so so sad. i literally got tears in my eyes. I want only good things for her and Bill. Thanks for sharing. I attended a store launch party in Vegas this weekend, love if you'd check out the post. xo


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