Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Anyone catch crazypants on the RHONJ reunion? She is seriously off her rocker. It's clear that everyone sees through her BS now and Teresa no-likey.

There are so many reasons she bothers me, but number 1 has to be her absolutely atrocious grammar. How many times on Sunday did she refer to a group of people as "you's"? What is that about? Is it proper English and I'm not aware? Unfortunately, I don't think Teresa has any idea how ignorant she comes across. Points for Team Gorga/Manzo/Laurita.


  1. I used to LOVE Teresa. Now i literally LOATHE her. Shes hateful, rude, and ungrateful. Lemme see- she now isn't close to her family or her friends, yet they're the ones who can't take a joke? good lord.

  2. she is horrid. i hate how shes says cumin and how she uses the word recipes....so very very awful! i used to like her but now she has gone nutso.

  3. Oh good heavens. Wasn't it horrid! She is a mess, and I used to like her!!! How embarrassing for me :(

    I cannot wait to find out what has happened with she and Jacqueline on Season 4 that kept J away?!?!?

  4. Hi there! I'm your newest follower :). Smiley faces aside...you are so right; Teresa has lost her marbles. I can't stand people that refuse to apologize for anything...usually it's their ego getting in the way but with her it seems to be ignorance. Sad how it's all gone down.


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