Friday, October 28, 2011

A Taste Of Home

Last night, Mark and I indulged in some Skyline 3-ways. They tasted just as good as I remember! Luckily, Mark loves all Cincinnati classics: Graeter's, Montgomery Inn, goetta (did anyone see the Man vs. Food in Cinci?!), LaRosa's, and of course Skyline.

To Mark's disappointment, I will not be dressing up for Halloween. I will, however, be wearing an orange blouse that I purchased at F21 a few weeks ago. I consider that to be a decent effort.

Count on me overindulging in the sweets department though....

I've got a bone to pick with Kim & Kyle Richards, who are being kind of nasty this season on RHOBH. I always liked Kyle, but this side of her is not pretty. She's clearly in denial of Kim's problem(s).

I will say that Brandi Glanville is just as looney as I expected. No surprises there.

I like the looks of Charleston's upcoming forecast. 70's sound just fine to me!


  1. My boyfriend is from Dayton and loves Skyline, Goetta, and Graters! Graters is the best! I am in Columbus this weekend visiting him and cannot wait to go to Jeni's ice cream! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I am craving me some Skyline! Gah, I miss it so much down here. Happy Early Halloween!

  3. Its not a trip to Ohio without Skyline and a drive past the giant Jesus - can you believe it burned down?! What a great blog you have!


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