Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dressing The Boys

It's a well known fact that there is a plethora of adorable girl clothing. You can find perfectly cute items from almost any store. The bows, shoes, leggings- what's not love?

Shopping for boys proves to be a bit more challenging. I have a pretty specific way I like to dress Tanner- preppy and classic. Of course, not everyone has the same tastes but I love me some smocking, polos, pastels, and monograms for baby boy.


A lot of the stuff I like can be kind of pricey, especially the smocked outfits. However, you can find good deals online, especially from places like Zulily and Smocked Overstocks on Facebook.


I got these monogrammed shorts on Etsy. Could you not spend hours searching all of the amazing stuff on this site?


Other shops we love are Mini Boden, Baby Gap, Vineyard Vines, and of course, Target. Anything Tanner wears, inevitably, gets food, drinks, dirt etc all over. So, easy care is a must. Almost everything we've bought has stood up really well to all the wear and tear.


Here are some of our tried and true favorites:

Via Nordstrom

Via Nordstrom

Via Gap

Via Vineyard Vines


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