Monday, October 28, 2013

Things you need now- Cheap Thrills


Duri Miarcote


At $6 a pop, you can't afford not to get this. As a relatively new mom, I'm still adjusting to the fact that 'me time' is pretty minimal. I still love me a good mani/pedi, I just can't make it to the salon that often. With this, you simply apply your regular polish, top it with a layer of Miracote, and voila! A perfect, quick nap time mani.


Nest Pumpkin Chai candle


For a candle this is a bit pricey ($30). But I'll say it's totally worth it. The combination of pumpkin and chai spices is perfection- not too strong but definitely fills the room with the scent.
Old Navy leggings

These leggings are where it's at. $23 plus there is almost always a sale. They suck you in and don't shift around creating the dreaded muffin top. I really love all of Old Navy's activewear, mainly because a lot of it comes in Tall sizes.

I did bite the bullet a few months ago and got a pair of Wunder Under's from Lululemon. Meh....I wasn't in love with them and they didn't stay put when I was moving around. I tried a few sizes and it really didn't make a difference. Back to the store they went! I'm not spending $100 on workout pants that aren't perfect.


Chapstick original


This is random, I know. But over the course of many years I believe I have tried almost every Chapstick known to man. More recently, I was into Burt's Bee and EOS. I liked the smell of BB and the feel of EOS but not vice versa (if that makes sense?). Mark randomly brought home a tube of this original Chapstick which I hadn't used in eons and what do you know? I loved it! It went on so smoothly. I think I prefer that there's not really a scent to it and bonus, it has SPF.

Ikea tent

And for the kiddos, this mini circus tent. We have definitely gotten our $20 worth out of this thing. Although it doesn't necessarily match our decor, it does conveniently house all of Tanner's little cars/mowers/tractors and whatever else I feel like tossing in at the end of the day. There is an Ikea about 35 minutes from our house so we make the trek occasionally. But let me tell you it is madness. You've got to have a game plan or you will just get sucked in. We have several pieces of furniture from Ikea and they are all surprisingly great quality.


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