Friday, October 18, 2013


I'm just going to gloss over the fact that I've been MIA since.......April.......


Between moving from Charleston to Cincinnati, living with my parents for 8 months, to buying/renovating a house, and chasing around a very active toddler things have been just a tad busy around here.

Some (semi) recent happenings

My little man turned 1!

Finally became homeowners again

Had lots of girl time

Took a great vacation to Charleston & Kiawah

Visited Mark's parents in NC
Scoped out the local parks
And this a seriously edited version.
We are officially suburbanites now and while it's definitely been a change we're really enjoying it. It's so nice to have a garage (any designated parking, at that!), a yard, neighbors more than 3 feet away, and free reign to do whatever we want to the inside AND outside of our house. Having a mall and Target 5 minutes away doesn't hurt either.


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