Friday, November 15, 2013

Downstairs: Before & After

Our new house is a split-level floor plan, or 'raised ranch', as it was advertised. When we moved in, the downstairs was nothing more than a glorified basement. Technically, it was considered finished but we knew it was going to have to be completely overhauled. The walls were covered in faux wood paneling and had no insulation behind them- that was not going to work for us if we intended on spending time down there, especially in the cooler months.

Faux wood, track lighting, old carpet, dark molding.......

Off came the paneling and in went insulation, drywall (both done by my dad and Mark!), new carpet, can lights, fixtures and lots of paint.


*brace yourself for blurry iPhone pics.....

The space feels so warm and cozy now. Tanner and I spend lots of time down here during the day.
Downstairs is also where the 4th bedroom is located. This is perfect for our out of town guests- they have their own bathroom right across the hall and an entire living area all to themselves.
This might be one of my favorite rooms in the house. Almost everything holds sentimental value. The furniture is mine from when I was growing up, the blue chest (formerly white and black) was in our entry in Charleston, we received the painting of Fountain Square above as a wedding gift, the red toile box was my Granny's, and the book the lamp sits on was one of my texts I used in one of my Art History classes from college.



  1. wow!! what a change! this looks amazing great job!

  2. Looks awesome! What a difference!


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