Monday, November 25, 2013

Many reasons to be thankful


I am definitely guilty of whining and complaining about really small, trivial things (just ask my family!). The last year has brought a lot of change and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Almost all for the good. I try to take time at the end of the day to mentally note all of the things I'm grateful for.


My sweet baby boy who has been so much fun lately.

This is us riding the train at the Festival of Lights last wknd. Obsessed with trains right now.

A family that is supportive and helpful with Tanner and our house. Especially Mark, who works hard during the day and then comes home to do even more work on the house. Oh, and deal with my antics on the daily.....

Friends that have been around for many years

Our home

Other things that are immensely valuable:

Living in a country that is safe, secure, and allows for many freedoms

Never experiencing hunger and always having a hot meal

Our health!



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  1. I am thankful for your arsenal of embarrassing pics...


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