Friday, November 22, 2013

What do you do all day?

This is the question people ask me about being a stay at home mom. Whenever someone brings it up I never know exactly what to say. Maybe because it's hard to put into words or our days vary so much, I'm not sure

I am so grateful to be able to spend this time with Tanner- he is such a wild and funny guy and already has so much personality. He is sweet, loving, and just my pride and joy, truly. I love that I have been able to witness his big milestones and really grow into a tiny little person.


I wanted to to record what a day in the life looks like at this stage, so I can remember when he gets older. There are so many days when I look back and think 'why didn't I get more done?' Reality is, it takes exponentially longer to do anything because I'm constantly telling tanner no, don't do that, don't climb up there, chasing him to get dressed, etc. I think that's one of the most surprising things- just how long it takes to complete a simple task. Anyways, here it is.......


5-5:30: Tanner wakes up. I usually give it a few minutes before I go in and get him.

5:30-6: Turn on Sesame Street, make coffee and our breakfasts. He usually plays with some toys or a puzzle while I'm getting everything ready and Mark heads out the door for the gym around this time. Breakfast for Tanner consists of a waffle and banana or oatmeal with fruit. I have the same breakfast that I've eaten for the last 6 or 7 years: Fiber One with almond milk and fruit. Hello, old lady status.

6:30-8: After breakfast we usually play upstairs for a bit or read books and then get ready for our walk.

8-9: Walk at the park or around the neighborhood. I like to get some exercise in early on so I can run errands, have play dates, etc without having that hanging over my head.

9-11: Play dates, park, grocery, etc. We have to get out of the house every day. I'm trying to get in as much outdoor time as possible right now!

11-11:30: Lunchtime and reading before his nap. Tanner usually has some berries or apple slices with turkey or chicken and some crackers or part of a bagel. I always eat an apple with Skinny Pop or some pretzels and then I have a snack later in the afternoon.

11:30/12-2/3: If I'm lucky, Tanner will sleep for 3 hours. SO awesome! When he's napping I usually do the laundry, pick up the mess from the morning, pay any bills we have/make dr appts, etc, clean the house, and then get food ready for dinner. I also watch tv, read online, or do something to relax for a little bit.

2:30/3-4: Tanner wakes up, I make him a snack, and then we usually play outside for a bit. He loves running down our hill and just crash landing at the end. Gives me anxiety but he loves it and just laughs and laughs.

4-5:30/6: This is the hardest part of the day for me. I'm pretty tired and just waiting for Mark to get home from work. We typically play downstairs and I turn on Sesame Street or Dinosaur Train as a distraction. If he's not feeling it, I change the channel to the Food Network. Not sure if I should be proud or concerned that one of Tanner's favorite things to say is 'Ina'- clearly he's had a lot of exposure to Barefoot Contessa.

6: Dinner. Tanner has whatever we are having (most of the time a protein and some veggies)- he is a great eater for his age. No surprise he's always in the 90% for height and 70% for weight :)

6:30-7:30: Mark usually plays with Tanner for awhile after dinner. They only get a little over an hour each day to hang out together, so I let him take the reins while I clean up everything from dinner. Sometimes we'll take him over to my parents for a change of scenery.

7:30-8: Bath and bedtime. Tanner loves the bath, mainly draining the water and turning the faucet on and off. I can tell he is going to love the swim club next summer. I usually read a few books to him and then he's ready for bed. He points to his crib and I lay him in there with 2 pacis, 3 stuffed animals and his blankie, ha. I love watching him sleep on the monitor- he's so peaceful.

After he goes to bed, I clean up any toys left out from the day and turn on Bravo. It really doesn't matter what's on- I just like to sit down and decompress for a few minutes. I try to go to bed by 10 but some of my shows are on a little later and we all know I love me some Andy Cohen. So, inevitably it's a bit later most nights.

I'm exhausted after writing all that!

We have plans tonight to go to the Festival of Lights at our Zoo. I'm excited for Tanner to see it, so hopefully the weather cooperates!



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