Saturday, February 26, 2011

Celebrity Saturday


As of Late.

Jessica Simpson.
I realize she hasn't looked like this 1st picture in a LONG time, but I maintain hope that she's going to get out of the rut she's been in for the past few, years. I especially loved her during the Newlyweds days. Her and Nick were so adorable together. I'm still mourning the end of their marriage. What does her current fiance even do?

Giuliana & Bill

LOVE them! Seriously, could they be any cooler? If we met in real life, we'd totally be friends. Until then, I'll continue to tune in to their reality show and keep my fingers crossed that she'll be able to get pregnant soon. Is anyone else on constant bump watch via ENews?


Lindsay Lohan is an absolute disaster. Hot mess. Train wreck. Call it what you will. But, she is out of control and needs a sobering influence (literally). Fast. She hasn't done anything decent since...well, The Parent Trap. Can that even be considered the peak of her career?

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