Monday, February 28, 2011

Really, Charlie?

As if Charlie Sheen hasn't embarrassed himself enough in the past few months, he went on the Today Show this morning to discuss all of the recent events in his life. See clip of the interview here. One word can sum up the entire interview: DENIAL. I would have more sympathy for his situation if he wasn't such an utter jack-hole (thank you, Andy Cohen!). The kicker was after all of the absolutely deluded things he had to say, he maintains that 1) CBS owes HIM an apology and 2) he deserves a raise. Because the $2 million per episode that he's currently receiving isn't enough to 'support his family'.

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  1. What can you expect when they pay him $2mm/show himself! I know its 'sad' but I like hearing about his porn star parties and 'stolen' cars found @ the bottom of a mountain. Keep it up Charlie!

    ps I wanna party with Charlie Sheen

    pps Nice blogging, Mols!


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