Thursday, June 16, 2011

And, I'm Back!

Vacation with the fam was awesome! It's so nice to only travel 30 minutes home from the island.
Lots of posts and catch up to come!

Also, I decided to try the romper trend.....

It was easy and comfortable, like a dress. But I felt a little weird in it still. I'm undecided on whether I'll be purchasing more in the future.


  1. You look cute! I'm still debating on the trend too though! I love them on other people, but worry I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing one myself!

  2. Yea, I know what you mean about rompers....somehow the shorts never look right? I always feel like I'm getting a wedgie or something LOL!

  3. I think you are absolutely rockin' that romper. You really look great in it! Mind me asking where you found it?

  4. It looks great on you!

    I love the romper trend. But I haven't quite decided if it's flattering for 20+ women or for kids 3 and under.

    A friendly hello from your newest follower!

  5. Loved the romper! Not anyone can pull off that look but you kilt it honey! I'm undecided on the trend as a whole. Be careful ladies.


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