Monday, June 6, 2011

The REAL Bachelorette

I love me some Kate Middleton! But recently, her sister has been the one grabbing headlines. From her fashion, to jetsetting lifestyle, to speculation on her love interest(s). In my opinion, Pippa is the real bachelorette.

ON THE RUN   photo | Pippa Middleton

Good to know she has to do some work to look that good.

Rumored bf, Alex Loudon

Alex Loudon Picture

MIX 'N' MATCH photo | Pippa Middleton

So effortless.

LOVE ALL photo | Pippa Middleton

WHITE HOT   photo | Pippa Middleton


  1. I would much prefer her to Ashley--it's only the 3rd episode and she's already been getting on my nerves!

  2. I'm loving Pippa's style. So classic and fun!


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