Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's Getting Me Through This Week

Our annual family vaca to:

Bring on the sun, sand, cocktails, card games, and most importantly, relaxation! We've been coming to Kiawah for over 15 years and it's yet to lose its luster. Not only am I excited for the beach, but to spend time with my (very large) family. We've all been counting down the days and the trip will undoubtedly be a great time!

 We won't be staying at The Sanctuary (above). But, we did on our wedding night. The hotel was nothing short of fabulous and I can't wait to stay there again! Anniversary (Mark, do you hear me?!).....

Come on 6pm Friday, hurry up!


  1. so jealous!! i know that we can go to kiawah any day of the week, but it is so different when you are actually staying there. for vacation. have fun!!

  2. That looks amazing!!!! wow!!

  3. ha!! i like how you put up a pic of the sanctuary when talking about the vacation plans... a bit misleading m'lady. who do you think you are, gran? yep, safe to say kiawah is the only thing getting us all through the next week. see you soon! btw, we'll be needed to hit up the shops to find gus a gentlemanly ensemble for the summer weddings. get your seersucker ready!!!


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