Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Color Blocking and a Mullet

File this one under fashion trends that I will never master.

However, I can distinguish between good vs. bad.

Both ladies are fans of the trend. One just seems to consistently hit the mark and the other...doesn't. (I'm trying really hard not to hate on Ann Curry. Also, I may still be bitter about her Today Show takeover.)





*I actually don't think Ann looks that bad. She just pales in comparison to Giuliana :)

On another note, did anyone see Billy Ray Cyrus on ENews tonight? Hello, mullet! I don't know what posessed him to reinstate his signature 'do, but he needs a talking to about what decade we're living in.


I'm sure you're thinking 'It can't look worse than this?' Right. But it is bad.....
Must find current pictures.

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  1. Bahahaha, loving the mullet! A guy I went to high school with grew a mullet our senior year as a joke! He was very preppy and otherwise fashionable (it was all in fun), but I still always think of the mullet when I see him now!


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