Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'Best Sellers'

I love the internet. I rely on the www for various different purposes: communication, news, shopping, entertainment, etc, etc. When it comes to shopping and must-have items, there is one site I look at to point me in the right direction:

Saks 5th Avenue 'Best Sellers' lists, particularly the Apparel and Accessories depts.

This weeks finds:

Miller Thong

Rattan Clutch

Longchamp Tote (I don't think I've ever not seen this on this list)

DVF Shirtdress

JBrand Ankle-length Skinnies (no surprise here!)

Side-Cross Necklace,
which reminds of that she-devil, Taylor, from the Rachel Zoe Project

And, for the man in your life...

Classic Lacoste Polo

RL Driving Mocs

*All images courtesy Saks.com

Go ahead and judge me for relying on one web address to point me in the direction of all the up to the minute trends. But, I greatly appreciate the convenience of their weekly lists. 

What are your go-to sites for the lastest fashions? 


  1. I will take one of each, please!

  2. Love the rattan clutch and DVF dress!

  3. I saw the rattan clutch this weekend and was thisclose to buying it :) LOVE! Ps- thanks for your sweet comments on the new blog design!

  4. I got those TB flip flops in black last year and am drooling over that buttery brown! Such a perfect summer clutch too!

  5. Love the miller thong! I want those so bad! Everything is so cute!!


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