Thursday, May 26, 2011


At this point, I'm sure everyone is aware that Kim Kardashian's now engaged to b-baller, Kris Humphries. The proposal actually happened about a week ago, but naturally, could only be revealed at the right time (and for the right $$$$$).
The ring? A jaw-dropping 20.5 carats. According to Lorraine Schwartz, jeweler to many a cleb, the rock cost over $2 million. That is larger and more expensive than the now Duchess of Cambridge. Schwartz (via EOnline) also said size was important because big diamonds are Kim's passion. WTF. Are large jewels not every woman's passion?!

Humphries earnings last year? Just over $3 million. Seems a bit excessive, no?


  1. I knowwww....she of course had to out do her sister with a GIANT RING! I heard they are going to do another TV show documenting her road to the alter. I, of course, will be watching. You can't not watch right?

  2. Oh my!! That is a huge diamond.


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