Saturday, May 21, 2011

Headboard Pics!

Finally! The headboard is finished. Well, at least, I am finished with it. It's not perfect, but over all I'm satisfied with the results.

In case anyone is wondering it took about 6 hours total to complete. If you're not DIY-challenged like myself, it could take substantially less time.

(Excuse the hastily made bed)

I hope everyone has a fab weekend! We're starting off the day with a nice walk to Brittlebank Bank Park, so the pooch can go for a little swim. And then perhaps some pool time this afternoon. This lady needs a tan (other than that which comes from a bottle)!


  1. Oh wow, mine would look like crap for sure! Yours looks great! I love those types of headboards!

  2. Great work!! I often don't even try DIY projects as big as this because I'm too much of a perfectionist and get SO frustrated, haha! Have a good weekend--my dad is getting our pool opened up now and I plan to work on my tan too!

  3. That headboard looks great! You should be soooo proud-love it! It is finally sunny here and I am hoping to tan tomorrow as well. Bring on the Sun!!!

  4. Looks awesome! I'm planning on doing something day. :)

  5. So so so so so impressed! I love the nailhead trim ... it is a ringer for the Ballard Designs look. You did a fantastic job.


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