Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Successful Target Trip

Mother's Day is quickly approaching. As both of our moms live out of town, we (I) did a little shopping at Target tonight for some cards to send their way.

This is the one I picked up for Mark's mom.

 (Don't worry she doesn't read my blog....and if she does, then Happy Mother's Day, Patti!)

My mom, on the the other hand, DOES read this blog. So, no sneak peak for you, Di! But rest assured you will really like yours.  

I was truly enjoying myself while leisurely browsing each and every aisle (to Mark's chagrin) this evening. BTW, Calypso has arrived (at least at the Mt. P location)! I was throwing myself a pity party earlier in the day and felt that I deserved a treat. However, I couldn't find one single thing in my size. TG for Target's website. Allow me to showcase some of my favorite items:

Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Nothing like a Target trip for a little pick-me-up!


  1. Molly, love, it's impossible to go into target and leave with only what you went in there to get. they really do have simply everything. i love this. Thanks for another great post. Don't forget to swing by for all the latest celebrity fashion. xoxo


  2. I love that those wedges have a pink sole! Anytime our Target releases a designer collection, even if I go that very day it is all sold out! Luckily I somehow find 10 other things to walk out with :)

  3. Love the Target finds! I went today to find the hubs a new bathing suit for our upcoming vacay. yet I walked away with not only one for him, but also one for me :) Oops :) But in my defense, they were a steal- only $40! Love that store.


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