Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweet Moments

I texted this picture to Mark at 12:30 this afternoon to let him know that I had demolished an entire bag of these addicting treats. It was a shameful/satisfying moment. Maybe next time I'll be able to exercise some portion control?

Obvs, that's not Cooper, but this is all he's been doing for the past week or so. The scratching and licking is driving me insane! No, he doesn't have fleas, but the vet does think our poor pooch has allergies. She suggested giving him Benadryl, but that isn't doing the trick either. Any pet owners have a better idea?!


  1. Ahh Brady goes through this every summer! SO annoying! I've (well the vet) given him steroid shots and I've also done the Benedryl thing. Maybe get a good dog conditioner that won't dry out the skin, as well.

  2. We all need a good stuff our face sesh every now and then!


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