Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ode to Taco Boy

In All It's Glory...

Anyone who has visited us in Charleston can attest to the fact that I LOVE Taco Boy. If you ask our local friends where we can be found on any given Friday night, they would confirm our (mainly my) devotion. Sure, variety is great, but when I find something I really like, I stick with it!

Don't get me wrong, Charleston has many excellent choices as far as restaurants go. And we've been to most of them. However, those dinners are generally reserved for special occasions, like when our families are in town (thanks Mom & Dad and Patti & Brian!).
But, back to Taco Boy....
There are many reasons why I enjoy frequenting this establishment. First, and most importantly- the food! The ingredients are fresh and authentic. You don't leave feeling bloated or gross. I recommend The Taco Boy Nachos, fish tacos, or one of the Plates. Truthfully though, there is nothing I've tried that I haven't liked. And what's a good Mexican meal without a margarita? Bonus: the menu now features Skinny versions of their signature cockatils! Also not to be missed is the Frozen Screwdriver. The service is generally good and consistent. But, you should expect to wait for a bit, especially in the coming warmer months. As if all those weren't good enough reasons, it is in close proximity to our downtown 'hood and we could easily bike there (if we were feeling ambitious). The outdoor patio would be the perfect place for happy hour drinks on a warm spring day, no?


  1. Yummm LOVE Taco Boy! I always get the same thing..margarita on the rocks, guac and a baja fish taco..with extra sauce!

    Have you tried Zia? It's pretty tasty, too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looks like you don't have your email address linked to your blog so I'm not able to email you back. :(

  2. Hi Megan! Thanks for your comments! I'm still trying to work out all the kinks with my blog :)

    I have been to Zia (and every other Mexican restaurant in Charleston)! I agree that it's delicious. I read somewhere that the owner of Zia actually started Taco Boy.

  3. Finally. A post I can get behind.... God do you have any IDEA how excited I am for a Taco Boy reunion this summer??

  4. oh my goodness, i love love taco boy!! their guacamole and frozen screwdrivers are beyond amazing!! i love your blog, so cute!!

  5. Oh laws, don't even get me started on Taco Boy at Folly Beach. One of my absolute favorites! Those frozen screwdrivers ... dangerous. I've got a girlfriend who tried to get TB to rent her the machine & ingredients for those drinks for her Charleston wedding!


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