Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tall Glass Of Water

Being 5'10" has it's ups and downs. While I generally enjoy being tall, I have the most difficult time finding properly fitting clothing. As I'm not interested in sporting crop tops, I tend to seek out tunic-style shirts for their longer fit and loose, flowly blouses which won't hit me awkwardly. Rebecca Taylor and Tucker are the holy grail when it comes to the above mentioned genres. Alas, my budget does not allow for a wardrobe full of these beautiful items.

So, I turn to more affordable options. Enter Piperlime. I'm obsessed with their website! They have everything from trendy tops, to classic denim, to affordable pumps for a night on the town. I've gotten several things from them and I have to say that they've all been of good quality and well made. Did I mention FREE shipping and 15% Off for all new customers?
Now, some of the items that I hope will be making their way into my closet very soon:

At $39, you need this. With white jeans and gold sandals. YES. Moving on...

A great alternative to "The Blouse."


A little more expensive ($75) than the previous options, but how gorgeous is this? It just says Spring.

As for denim, I remain faithful to Seven and Paige. Length is obviously a big factor when searching for the right pair of jeans, but I also like to have some stretch and a higher rise. I just bought a pair similar to these:


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