Sunday, April 10, 2011

PSA For All Charleston Area Brides/Bridesmaids

We are in the throws of wedding season! I apparently overlooked this fact when I was making plans for dress alterations for the wedding I'm in this coming weekend.
When I walked into The Dressing Room (upper King St., near Cupcake) on Friday morning the girl at the front desk greeted me and then immediately informed me that they wouldn't be able to have anything ready until after April 26. FML.

I immediately launched into panic mode and luckily she took pity on me after I explained my situation. She asked the seamstress if there was any way she could have it done by Weds. TG she was feeling generous, because I'll be picking up my perfectly fitted dress on Weds. afternoon! PHEW! Crisis averted. Now I can stand next to Jaime on her big day feeling confident that there won't be any sort of wardrobe malfunctions.

Moral of the story is, if you have a wedding or bridesmaid dress to be altered, you must go to The Dressing Room (I had my wedding gown altered here too!). She does a great job and is really affordable.

Just for fun, here's  shot of the back of my wedding gown. I had the seamstress add the bow.

And now up close...

courtesy Katie Heatley Photography

I love looking at our wedding pictures. It truly was the best day of my life. I'm just sad it's over!

Here is a photo of my lovely parents on our wedding day, as well. Today happens to be their 30 Year Anniversary. So, congratulations Mom & Dad! Here's to 30 more :)

courtesy Katie Heatley Photography


  1. Your dress is absolutely beautiful! Congrats to your parents! :)

  2. I'm swooning over your gown! Gorgy!!

    I'll keep The Dressing Room in mind ...a month ago, I was in a fashion crisis and should have gone there! Thanks for the tip :)

  3. mo $! i want to see all the wedding pics!

  4. OMG your gown! Love the bow! So pretty!

  5. Wow...your dress is absolutely gorgeous! And what a brilliant idea to add the bow. Just stunning :)

    So glad they were able to help you out with your bridesmaids dress!

  6. wait a minute - i missed the blessed anniversary of your parents' nuptuals?? what a shock - saw mark meyer this weekend and he made no mention. no wonder my mom and your dad were discussing gifts for your mom at breakfast club... things are coming together now...

    and i loved your dress. and your wedding. even though i couldn't drink. sigh... :)

  7. Oh wow ... your wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous. That seamstress has a real talent!


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