Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekday Randoms

I was swamped at work today! So, I decided to reward myself with a nice little trip to Target :) Below are a few of my finds.

I'm really looking forward to reading 'Water For Elephants'. I was torn between this book and 'Cleopatra' (that will be my next read). Of course, I'm sure I'll be seeing the much anticipated film version starring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson. Can't wait to watch in him in a role opposite someone other than the habitually PO'd Kristen Stewart.

Oh, and in no way is the extent of my Easter candy shopping. No, no, no....there will be MUCH more! They didn't have any Cadbury Eggs. WTF? Get on it Target.

On a side note, I fell asleep at like 8:30 last night and didn't get to see Bethenny. I'm sure I'll be catching up later this week, but seriously 8pm bedtime? How old am I?!

Now, I did manage to see the RHOOC on Sunday, and can I just say, Gretchen, break up with Slade already! She clearly is not that into him. Why make all of us viewers suffer by having to watch him week after week?
And speaking of the Real Housewives, I just discovered this blog. Amazing inside dish on all things RH related!

I happened to stumble upon these gems when searching for more info on Alexis's clothing line

A bit much, no?
 I'm going to cross my fingers that the line is successful because apparently the cash flow isn't too good these days. They're reportedly in foreclosure proceedings.


  1. Target is my favorite store hands down-love finding random things there. That book is amazing. LOVED IT!!!

  2. oh my - these are a bit dra-matic...good grief, that first one is down right awful. anyway, can't wait for you to read water for elephants - i loved it!!! cannot wait for the movie!!!! and no cadbury eggs = no bueno! they are my favorites!

  3. i've really been wanting to read that book...i may need to snag it this weekend.

  4. Alexis - get it together! Those clothes? I'm addicted to pretty much all the RHs as well!

  5. Target is one of my favorite places to escape..just walking around the store puts me in a brighter mood! Water for Elephants is on my to-read list too!

  6. I just came across your blog and I love it! I can really relate to the theme because I myself moved from Michigan to Greenville, SC this past year and I love it! But I totally related to this post because I seriously heart Target (and Cadbury Eggs!)...I actually got 2 of those little buckets in turquoise and lime green for my Easter table! And I read Water for Elephants a few months back and it was excellent, I highly recommend it! :)

    ps: I'd love if you checked out my blog:


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