Thursday, April 7, 2011

Say It Ain't So!

After I just posted about my love for the Today Show, my dear, darling, and adorable, cousin Sarah (also a devotee) tipped me off to THIS ARTICLE in the Daily Mail this morning.

Matt Lauer

I refuse to believe it. What am I going to watch in the mornings? It won't be the same if the show is anchored by Ann Curry.

Thank god the RHONY premieres tonight! Can't wait to see all of their crazy antics. I'll be back tomorrow for a recap!


  1. normally bobcats are the last ones to leave a party!

  2. This hurts my heart! I LOVE Matt and Meredith!

  3. NOOOO...this is horrible! i've watched the today show as long as i can remember. i remember watching as i would eat breakfast back in elementary school before catching the bus!

  4. as you can see, i'm catching up on the blog today. firstly, thanks for the compliments (gran)! all true, natch.
    secondly, it seems as though we must consider a today show anchored by ann curry and.. who? roker? this week has just been a revolving chair of test anchors. i'm not pleased. matt and meredith are the only ones who make that show watch-able (barely)! we'll see how things pan out. it might be time for me to make the switch to GMA. although i need sam champion to go away forever before that can happen. why is morning television so HARD???


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