Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Is anyone else as addicted to these sites as I am? They're all so alluring with fantastic deals on designer/brand names! I (sadly) look forward to my regular emails from these sites to see what's in store for that day. I love a good deal and although I've had some unsuccessful orders recently, I keep coming back for more.

I'm also loving:

Even though some of their offers are not that appealing (to me at least).

Happy Wednesday! The work week is half over :)


  1. I'm so funny about ordering things online, because I tend to be someone that will go into the dressing room with 20 things and come out with nothing. I do subscribe to RueLaLa though and love checking it out everyday!

  2. I subscribe to all those and love to find great deals, but I subscribe to so many of those that the daily emails drive me insane!!!


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