Tuesday, April 5, 2011

She Comes Undone

Did anyone watch Bethenny Ever After last night? I felt so bad for her! She completely fell apart at her own birthday party. We (viewers) have never seen that side of her and it was just so sad. Of course, husband of the year/decade, Jason, was there to pick up the pieces.

Old photo of Bethenny Frankel with her mother Bernadette Parisella and stepfather John Parisella

I found this photo of her mom and stepfather, who, according to Bethenny had an incredibly tumultuous relationship.

After Bethenny, I watched the 'sneak preview' of "Pregnant In Heels." Eh, I could take it or leave. The couples on the show were totally wacky, but I just didn't find it that interesting.


  1. I watched Bethenny but it was almost hard to watch. I just felt so bad for her.

  2. what happened? i totally missed it last night! how awesome is jason?!?

  3. I felt sorry for her for sure, but honestly I felt even more sorry for JASON! Bless his heart! He tried sooo hard and is such a sweetheart.

  4. i am pretty much obsessed with bethenny! i felt so bad for her at her birthday party. i think i may even have my husband loving her too!


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