Monday, April 4, 2011


I'd have to classify this past episode as uneventful. But that doesn't mean I don't have anything to say about it....

We get to know the new girl Peggy, a little bit more and it seems like the stage is being set for her looming conflict with Alexis, who, by the way, has been throwing out some pretty entertaining one-liners. She's emerging as my favorite this season (it's still early). 

I think we're starting to see the breakdown of Don and Vicki's marriage (sad!). Apparently, even though they have been separated since October, they are still living together. Interesting article from US Weekly about the current state of their relationship.

And perhaps the demise of Slade and Gretchen is imminent? I can only hope. There's just something off about them. Clearly, Gretchen doesn't want a commitment, as she is only interested in "leasing." Whatever that is all about. 

Am I the only one who feels mildly offended by Vicki's wardrobe choices? Check out THIS post over at Fash Boulevard (my new go-to blog for celeb fashion!) and you'll see what I mean.

Last night we had Tamra divulging, again, way too much info about her private life. This time in regards to her friend, Fernanda. I'm not sure what she's trying to prove this season, but she's not winning me over.

Lastly, I have to point out that Tamra wears the biggest earrings I've ever seen. Literally. I don't know where she gets her jewelry but I feel like all of her pieces are huge.

Can't wait to see what happens next!

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  1. i love you for posting about this. i was seriously going to do a post about this too lol tamra is DEFINITELY trying to prove something this season - she needs to chill and act closer to her decade!!


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