Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Earrings

I've noticed a recurring theme on several reality shows as of late.


The worst offenders? The cast of 'Basketball Wives' on VH1.

Please don't take this post as an endorsement of the show. I consider it sub-par, at best. These ladies really love just going at each other. It is mildly entertaining. Alas, I have many other (better) cringe-worthy reality series in my queue.

Kind of ridiculous, right?

Not to mention these accessories would completely dwarf my little pea-head.


  1. Some of those earrings are just ridiculous! The ones in the first picture look so heavy, I would hate to have those pulling down on my ears!

  2. Omg, do you ever watch Jerseylicious on Style network?? Tracy wears some HUGEEEE earrings on that show! They are even bigger than the pictures above! Crazy!

  3. Those peeps hurt my ears when I wear heavy earrings. Wayyy to much weight on the lobe, no gracias.

  4. I completely agree. I do not understand why these women insist upon wearing earrings basically bigger than their heads. I'm more of a stud girl myself, but that's just because I prefer to keep my earlobes pain free

  5. They are SO CRAZY! Ashley is right, on Jerseylicious the wear super long earrings as well. They must get in the way and are probably really heavy...not a fan!

  6. Five years later and I'm still rocking my Big Earrings .


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