Friday, August 5, 2011

Fall, Please Hurry Up

I am SO ready for....

Changing leaves

Anything and everything pumpkin

Holiday pies (I don't really discriminate)

Being able to drink HOT coffee again

Slatkin & Co. Candles (sold at Bath & Body Works)

Are you sensing a theme here?


  1. Oh gosh, I am totally with you. I cannot wait for all the applepicking, pumpkins, and cooler weather galore!

  2. So strange, I was just thinking I about writing a post about fall ... all the scented things in our place are apple cinnamon or spice year-round because it reminds me of a fall! ... I haven't experienced autumn in two years!!! :( I'm CRAVING it!

  3. I am ready for fall too! Fall is def my favorite season!


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