Monday, August 29, 2011

Eric Northman Is BACK!

Go ahead and ignore this post if you aren't a True Blood fan.

Last night' episode was a-maz-ing! Actually I think this might be my favorite season yet! There are only 2 episodes left and I have no idea how it's going to end. I can only hope that witch Marnie gets whats coming to her- she is evil!

Anyways, last night Sookie harnessed her powers and broke the spell, bringing back 'the old' Eric. Now Sookie's left to choose between Bill and Eric. Decisions, decisions....


On a side note, how did Kate Bosworth ever let Alexander Skarsgard go? Ma-jor, major mistake.


Is anyone watching Entourage? It used to be so fun and fast paced, but this season seems so...depressing. With Ari's divorce, Vince's drug habit, the demise of Eric & Sloane, it's all very blah. Also, what happened to all the great celeb cameos?

The highlight from last night- finding out that Mrs. Ari's (Perry Reeves) name is actually Melissa. Pretty fitting, I think.


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