Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bravo's Done It Again

Yet another reality show that I'm loving...
From BravoTV.com, "They’re young, they’re hot, they’re single –- they’re Dallas’ Most Eligible. From beauty queens to pro-football players, this group of Texas socialites proves that everything’s bigger in Texas –- including the drama. Some are looking for true love while others have perfected the art of the one-night stand, and somehow their love lives have all crossed paths at one time or another. Dallas serves as the sexy backdrop for this jaw-dropping series that follows a group of successful friends living it up in the lone star state. "

Watch out for this one, in particular.

Courtney Kerr from Bravo's reality series Most Eligible Dallas

Courtney has opinions (read: judgements) about everyone and clearly has the hots for castmate, and 'bff' Matt. Oddly, while everyone else has an uber-glam career, like NFL star or country singer, Courtney makes a living by managing a sunglass store.....?


  1. I'm embarrassed that I like this show. Damn Bravo! I don't need any more silly addictions.

  2. OMG...I meant to watch this and forgot. Thanks so much for reminding me, and for the review. I'm excited. I adore drama and snarkiness, as long as it's on TV :)

  3. Newly obsessed with this show too. So embarrassing!!! ;)


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