Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Randoms

Oh, yes. I pulled the trigger.

And these candles smell AMAZING! I am o-v-e-r the summer and totally ready for Fall. I may or may not have done a little shopping for the cooler weather at F21 when I left work on Friday...

Mark patiently waiting for his cocktail at Biggie's Gastropub

We decided to try the new restaurant in our neighborhood on Friday (formerly Granville's). It was a last minute decision and I couldn't have felt lazier when we pulled into the parking lot. Biggie's is less than a mile away from our house. We'll be walking next time. Great atmosphere and patio, but overall, I have to say that I like the food that was served at Granville's better. I do forsee more of their cocktails in my future though!
*I must to mention that Biggie made a brief cameo while we were there. He's quite adorable. And, one of Cooper's pals at the adjacent dog park :)

In related news, I saw this sign at the Food Lion on King St. What are catfish nuggets? Nothing could sound less appetizing. Has anyone tried? Is this a southern tradition I'm unaware of?

Toodles for now!
I'm off to watch Sunday's episode of True Blood (again). I'm not obsessed.


  1. Ha, I'll pass on the catfish nuggets! I was at F21 last night too. Picked up a couple things for our Seattle trip!

  2. i'm not "over" summer (solely because i turn into a pasty translucent creature) but i am loving fall things! are those bath and body works candles?! my favs!


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